2022 Annual Membership Meeting

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

6:00 - Voting and Refreshments 

6:30 pm - Annual Meeting and Year-in-Review Presentation Begins

Holiday Inn

101 Trade Center Drive, Champaign

RSVP encouraged: Terri@cuhumane.org  


I.        Board of Directors Election


Melanie Bailey (Champaign, 1st term)

I am honored and excited to be considered for the opportunity to serve on the Board and further protect the animals of this community.

I have been an animal enthusiast for as long as I can remember.  Pets have been a part of my life since I was born.

I first came to Champaign-Urbana as a student at the University of Illinois, and upon graduation moved away to complete graduate studies and then begin my career.  In 1995 I returned to Champaign to work as a therapist for a children’s non-profit mental health agency and remained there for 25 years.  I have continued working in mental health and am now practicing in an outpatient setting through Carle. Most of my patients are children and adolescents.

I obtained my clinical license (Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor/LCPC) as well as a specialization as a Registered Play Therapist (RPT) during my work with abused and traumatized children and youth.  I am one of only a few RPTs in central Illinois.  I have served on the Illinois Association for Play Therapy Board as Treasurer. 

It was in 1997 that I first adopted from the Champaign County Humane Society and have been a long-time supporter through adoption and donation.  I have had numerous furry friends (cats) in my life over the years, and many of them have come from the Humane Society.

I currently have four cats. Nelly, Lou, Stu, and Midnight.  Nelly and Lou were adopted from CCHS. Stu and Midnight entered my life two years ago following the unexpected death of my aunt.  She was very active in the Edgar County Humane Association and was a role model for me in so many ways.

My years of experience working with abused and traumatized young people has helped me to further develop my passion for animal rights, education, care, and treatment.  Both children and animals need caring, compassionate humans to help, protect, and care for them.  Also, the healing power of animals can be highly beneficial through animal-assisted therapies.

Being a member of the CCHS Board provides the opportunity to concentrate my energy into one organization and combine three highly held interests: pets, my aunt’s legacy, and assisting others with growth and change. I am willing and happy to share my knowledge and passion to further the goals of CCHS and learn along the way.

Amy Fischer, PhD (St. Joseph, Returning)

Please allow me to express my interest and enthusiasm to serve on the Board of Directors of the Champaign County Humane Society. 

My qualifications stem largely from 17 years on the teaching faculty of the University of Illinois Department of Animal Sciences, where I teach courses in companion animal biology, policy, and shelter management.  My teaching program also incorporates experiential learning opportunities with multiple animal services agencies in East-Central Illinois; the strongest of these relationships is with CCHS, whose staff graciously mentor dozens of undergraduate interns each year

In addition to teaching, my University of Illinois Extension activities focus on humane population control, especially the pursuit and application of nonsurgical contraceptive methods.  Other Extension interests include disaster preparedness, municipal shelter consultations, and pet retention services.    

On a more personal level, my husband and I volunteer with animal transport and share our rural home with a large animal family comprised mostly of former fosters.     

Thank you for this opportunity.  I believe firmly in the mission of CCHS and hope to contribute to its continued success.       

Thank you for your consideration.

Leslie Lundy (Champaign, 1st term)

I am interested in serving on the Board of CCHS to further the goals and mission of the organization.

I have lived in Champaign since 1989 and consider it home.  In 2005, I adopted 3 kitties from CCHS – one was 8 years old and had been surrendered; the other two were about 1 year old and had been strays. Sadly, that group has passed, but I currently have 3 cats that either wandered into my yard or were dumped at a farm.

Although I am officially retired from the City of Champaign (City Accountant), I continue to work part-time as the Finance Manager for a few small local not-for-profits.  I am well-versed in the challenges that not-for-profit organizations face.  Working part-time allows me time to also give back to the community by volunteering.

In the past, I have saved and folded newspapers for the cat cages, helped at a Kitten Shower, attended numerous Fur Balls and served on the CCHS Capital Leadership Team for the Capital Campaign as the VP of Stewardship.  Each was a rewarding experience, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve in a greater role.

The opening of the new building and Education Center will be an exciting time not only for CCHS, but also for the community.  The expanded facilities will allow more people to learn about being responsible pet owners, which can only help communicate the mission of CCHS and hopefully result in less overpopulation of companion animals.

I am honored to be nominated for the Board of Directors and appreciate your consideration.

Dwight Raab (St. Joseph, 1st term after a one-year appointment)  


My interest and passion for animals has been with me for as long as I can recall.  This interest originates with my Dad introducing a dachshund to our family when I was five.  My interest in the welfare of animals continues to this day.  My bride and I adopted a beagle (Toots) from CCHS in 1986 and have had our lives made better by the adopted beagles and now a vizsla that share our home with us.

The CCHS Board of Directors is a great group of individuals – I would very much look forward to another term with them to assist the staff in achieving our goals of preventing cruelty to animals, promoting animal welfare, educating the public about the humane care and treatment of animals, increasing public awareness of the companion animal overpopulation issue and providing solutions, and providing high quality shelter, medical, and adoption services for animals when necessary.


Laura Shapland (White Heath, 2nd term)

Having a crew of 5 dogs, 3 cats, 3 guinea pigs and a fish at home, I am very attached to all creatures and their well-being!  CCHS has such incredible people supporting it and being part of that over the last 3 years on the Board has been an honor.  It has been such a pleasure getting to know and work alongside the great group of individuals on the Board who strive to make the best decisions possible.  We each recognize that the true champions who make the CCHS the success it has been and continues to be, are all of those who are there every day, from staff to volunteers, caring for the animals and running the facility to make it all happen. 

I have truly enjoyed being part of this Board and teams that have worked diligently on the finding and overseeing the renovation of CCHS’ new home.  Seeing that through to completion is one of the many reasons I would look forward to being part of the Board for a second term.

II. 2020-21 Year in Review Presentation

Presentation by CCHS Executive Director, Mary "Tief" Tiefenbrunn and staff.