Match-A-Pet Program

Looking for a Particular Type of Pet?

The Match-a-Pet program is designed to help adopters who want a companion animal of a specific breed. Every day the Champaign County Humane Society receives animals of all shapes and sizes. We will do our best to help you adopt the special pet you've been looking for!

How Do I Get Started?

Simply fill out the attached form and return it to the Humane Society. Please keep in mind that the breed MUST be specified. For example, if you only list "small dog" it will be much harder to place an animal with you. Please ask the front desk staff if you have any questions.

When an animal comes in that we think fits your application, we will contact you. You will have until the end of the designated hold time (usually 48 hours) to come to the shelter and meet the animal. All Match-a-Pet applicants for a specific breed will be called at the same time. Adoption will be on a first come, first serve basis. If the animal is not adopted within the hold time, it will be made available to the general public.

How Do I Stay on the List?

Your application will remain active for one month. If after a month you are still interested in remaining part of the program, please contact us and we will update your application. You may reapply at any time by simply filling out a new form.

Is There a Fee?

We will add a $20 donation to the regular adoption fee for participation in the Match-a-Pet program. This helps covers the cost of the program.

The Champaign County Humane Society reserves the right to deny any application for adoption.