A Note To Our Volunteers

It can be hard to work in the animal welfare field.  Sometimes, it feels like all your efforts are just a drop in the bucket.  You know what?  They aren’t.  Not one single minute of time with animals is ever wasted.  If you are in the volunteer community of CCHS, this message is for you:


Thank you for supporting the animals by donating

the most precious resources of all – your time and your heart.


Year after year, a village of supporters comes to make sure our animals receive high-quality care under our roof.  Volunteers help us in every way imaginable.  Some spend an eight-hour work day washing dishes and doing laundry.  Others walk dogs in sub-zero temperatures and sweltering summer heat.  Behavior interns sit patiently with fearful dogs, tossing treats to slowly build trust.  Medical volunteers and interns come in at the crack of dawn and administer various treatments.  Cat volunteers faithfully show up to spend one-on-one time with as many kitties as they can.  Critter volunteers take time to make food-dispensing puzzle toys for rats, mice, guinea pigs, ferrets, and rabbits so the little creatures get enrichment during their stay, too.  Last, but certainly not least, there are our loyal special events volunteers.  While they might not have direct animal contact, their time and efforts to raise awareness and funds for our shelter are just as important to animal lives!  Every life in the shelter benefits from their contributions.


And while you, our volunteers, are here for only a fraction of the time in each furry life, a big change happens in those lives because of your investment.  When you spend time with the animals, their body language changes.  We see lonely animals go from anxiously waiting in their kennels, to feeling happy, relaxed, and playful.  And that, in many cases, is what makes the difference for that animal.  It’s why he gets a home today!


While finding a forever home for every homeless pet is the ultimate goal we all share, I’ve learned that volunteers come to CCHS for many other reasons too:  to help grieve a loss, to build new skills, or because service is a requirement, imposed by a court or a civic group.  Day after day, no matter why they come, our volunteers have a common experience:  they tell me the animals give back to them more than they give to the animals. 


And I would like to add to that by giving you my heartfelt thanks – for making all the difference. Thanks to each of you – our amazing animal welfare warriors - every day.


-Natalie Piper, Volunteer Coordinator & Animal Behavior Specialist