"Home to Home" Foster Adoptions

Special Needs - Special People

There are some animals that need just a little more TLC than others. These are animals that generally would not do well living among the other animals up for adoption at the shelter. They might be shy, or have extra medical needs. They might be older, or have had injuries that require rehabilitation, or at one time have been very sick. Some might have been neglected, and some might have been through hell.

They might not be perfect.

In the past these animals might not have had much of a chance, but now there is a team of very special people - foster volunteers – who make a big difference for these animals. These kind and dedicated people take them into their homes, give them nourishment, encouragement, and love. They socialize them, treat them, and care for them until that bright day when the most special person of all comes along - the one that will give them a forever home. Maybe that person is you.

If you are interested in learning more about fostering or adopting a special animal that may be living in a foster home, please contact the shelter.