Champaign County Humane Society Board of Directors

2019 - 2020 Board of Directors (Term Expires)

  • George Amaya (2021) 
  • Janice Bahr (2021) 
  • Danielle Bender (2021)
  • Michael Palazzolo, MD (2021)
  • Anthony Pendleton (2021)
  • Jennifer Romine (2023)
  • Kristen Sackley (2022)
  • Laura Shapland (2022)
  • Shelby Stifle (2021)
  • Darren Taylor (2021)
  • Colleen Vojak (2023)
  • Justina Koehler, DVM (2023)

Board Committees

Executive Committee

President, George Amaya
Vice President, Jan Bahr
Treasurer, Anthony Pendleton
Secretary, Shelby Stifle
At-large Member, Darren Taylor

Animal Welfare

The Animal Welfare Committee keeps abreast of current animal-welfare laws, and monitors animal well-being according to the latest CCHS policies on humane animal care and handling, and performs duties as outlined in the CCHS document: Guiding Principles and Procedures for Assuring the Quality of Animal Care.
Members:  Danielle Bender (Chair), Kristen Sackley, Laura Shapland, George Amaya, Gloria Sax, Karen Simmons (ex officio), Mary Tiefenbrunn (ex officio)


The Development Committee provides strategic advice and counsel to the CCHS Executive and Development Directors, works with them on fundraising events, and assists them with efforts to promote, grow, and steward supporters and members of the organization. The Development Committee may use subcommittees for special or annual projects whose membership may include ex officio members not on the Development Committee
Members:  Jennifer Romine (Chair), Danielle Bender, Michael Palazzolo, George Amaya, Mary Tiefenbrunn (ex officio)

Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee works with the CCHS staff to assess functional aspects of the property and improvements used by CCHS and plan for necessary repairs and improvements. The Facilities Committee may also assist CCHS staff in obtaining bids for substantial projects and seeking donations of goods/services related to building.
Members:  Shelby Stifle, Laura Shapland, Darren Taylor, Gloria Sax, George Amaya, Mary Tiefenbrunn (ex officio)

Finance/Audit Committee

The Finance/Audit Committee monitors CCHS investment accounts and makes recommendations to the Board regarding the management of those accounts. In conjunction with CCHS fund managers, the committee will propose changes in CCHS investment policy that serve the best interests of the organization. The committee will review and revise the investment policy as needed. The Finance/Audit Committee shall recommend to the Board an auditor to conduct an independent annual audit for CCHS.
Members: Anthony Pendleton (Chair), Jan Bahr, Jennifer Romine, George Amaya, Mary Tiefenbrunn (ex officio)

Nominating Committee

The composition and duties of this committee are specified in Article V, Section 3 of the Bylaws. When the President appoints the Nominating Committee, the President shall provide a charge to the committee. The Nominating Committee will operate in accordance with procedures and guidelines adopted by the Board.
Members: Kristen Sackley (Chair), Shelby Stifle, Colleen Vojak, George Amaya, Mary Tiefenbrunn (ex officio)

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee works with the Executive Director to periodically review legal issues related to staff employment, general salary guidelines, general working conditions, employment recruitment policies and employment policies.
Members:  Michael Palazzolo, Anthony Pendleton, Colleen Vojak, George Amaya, Mary Tiefenbrunn (ex officio)

Research Policy Committee

The Research Policy Committee reviews research requests; votes on research projects being advanced to the full board for approval or denial; and assists the Board in developing policies relating to the participation of CCHS in research projects.
Members:  Jan Bahr (Chair), Laura Shapland, Colleen Vojak, George Amaya, Karen Simmons (ex officio), Shelter Veterinarian (ex officio)