Programs & Services

Adoption Programs

Senior Citizens

Seniors for Seniors is a program that encourages senior citizens to adopt adult animals at reduced adoption fees. 

Services for Pet Owners


CCHS will implant a microchip (identification chip) in your dog or cat for a fee of $15.00, plus the mandatory $17.99 registration fee. An appointment is required. Call 217-344-7297.

Spay/Neuter Services

Cats - CCHS provides low-cost feline spay/neuter surgeries for qualified low-income cat owners. The cost is $40 per female, $30 per male, and includes sterilization, vaccinations (including Rabies), and flea treatment. A microchip can be implanted for an additional $15 fee. Surgeries will be scheduled for weekdays (Monday through Friday) at 8am.

To make an appointment, call the shelter at 217-344-7297 during regular business hours. You will be transferred to extension #11 to leave a message, and a member of our Medical staff will call you back to make the arrangements.

If you cannot afford the fees listed above, contact Champaign County Animal Control at 217-384-3798. Other agencies that may be able to help with low cost feline spay/neuter include: Prairieland Anti-Cruelty (217-586-6616), and CATSNAP (217-353-5243).

Dogs - Champaign County Animal Control will spay/neuter all Pit Bulls/Pit Mixes for $20.00. This includes vaccines and Rabies registration. Animal Control also offers low cost spays/neuters for other breeds of dogs. Price depends on size. Contact Animal Control at 217-384-3798.

Owner Surrender

CCHS is an open admission shelter that accepts all companion animals from owners who feel that this their best option. For more information, see our Surrendering an Animal page.

Requested Euthanasia

If you require euthanasia services for an animal that is suffering and at the end of his/her life, we first recommend you bring the animal to a private-practice veterinarian. If that is not an option for you, our licensed euthanasia technicians can perform requested euthanasia for a fee of $65. An appointment is required so that we can make sure that a technician is available.

Important Considerations Related to Requested Euthanasia:
  1. Owners are not allowed to be present during euthanasia at CCHS
  2. Owners are required to surrender ownership of their animal to CCHS prior to euthanasia.
  3. Following surrender of the animal, CCHS will make an independent determination as to whether euthanasia is warranted, and may determine that the animal can be treated, rehabilitated, and placed for adoption.

Programs for Everyone

Humane Investigations

CCHS has several licensed Humane Investigators on staff. Humane Investigators are licensed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture to investigate possible violations of State animal welfare statutes. If you have a concern about companion animal neglect or abuse, call us at 217-344-7297 and ask to speak with a humane investigator. If an animal is in imminent danger please call police immediately.

Behavior and Training

The Champaign County Humane Society believes in positive, reward based training. We offer two beginner-level dog training classes that are open to all, regardless of whether the dog was adopted from CCHS. See our Behavior and Training page for more information on our philosophy and class descriptions.

Humane Education

CCHS offers a number classroom presentations, shelter tours, and educational programs for special events. See our Humane Education Page to learn more. 

For Youth Ages 10-15

The Pet Pals Club offers a monthly experiential learning program for young animal lovers.

Volunteer Opportunities

From fostering animals to socializing cats and dogs to working events, there are plenty of opportunities for adults 18 years of age or older to help CCHS help homeless animals through volunteer service. See our Volunteer Page to learn how.